INAUGURATION NIGHT - Orieta Chrem and Rawa

Some scenes and commentary from the Inauguration night at Xapiri Ground.
Melanie Dizon
October 21, 2022




On the eve of October 21, 2022 we held the inauguration for Crafting the Field Series 06 featuring artists Orieta Chrem and Rawa. Orieta is a versatile musician, DJ, producer and vibrational therapist who through the use of tuning forks, gongs, and crystal sound bowls couples with long time friend Rawa; a Shipibo-Konibo Onaya and keeper of ancestral knowledge to create a live performance that intuits sound frequency with icaros. Through the commingling of these two worlds, the listener enters a vibratory realm of emotional and memorial record where sound speaks a universal language where one can become attuned.

Photo: Davis Torres

"I discovered the quartz bowls a few years ago and fell in love with the depth and subtlety of their frequencies and sound. I began to share group and personal sessions with quartz bowls, meditations with sound that allow you to enter into very deep states of connection with your body and the subconscious." Orieta Chrem

Photo: Davis Torres

Photo: Davis Torres

"Although I have worked a lot with rhythmic productions, oriented to dance music within electronic music, nowadays I really like to discover and experiment with sounds that help to transform our state of consciousness and allow us to travel and enter the subconscious and other dimensions... bringing this deeper world to the dancefloor as well." Orieta Chrem

Photo: Davis Torres

"We live it, we feel it, we connect when we listen to the bowls. The icarus connects us, we do not understand but we feel. At the moment of feeling, everything flows. And when it flows, we have to let ourselves go."
Rawa Muñoz
Photo: Davis Torres

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