Amazon Under Pressure Inauguration Night

Some scenes from the inauguration night at Xapiri Ground.
Melanie Dizon
April 15, 2024



On the 15th of March, we held the inauguration for Amazon Under Pressure with representatives María Rosa Montes and Carla Soria of IBC Peru to share their cartographic work in conjunction with RAISG and MapBiomas Perú.

Andrea (XG mediator), Carla Soria, María Rosa Montes / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)


It was an evening of critical thinking, questioning, and learning about the complexities of the work of cartography to topics such as but not limited to land titling, the rights of native communities to establish zoning, the limited resources offered and at times not even considered by the government, and much more.

Video Still / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

"We are arriving at an Amazon overloaded with pressures. We see that it is affecting more and more the Indigenous territories and are more vulnerable each time." Carla Soria

View of the exhibition sala / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

"Obviously, these are maps of such great value that convey the realities to us, that perhaps we might not want to know but should know about the Amazon." María Rosa Montes

María Rosa Montes and Carla Soria of IBC Peru / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

Xapiri Ground team with the IBC representatives / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

We would like to thank the Instituto del Bien Común - IBC, RAISG, and MapBiomas Perú for allowing us to share their in-depth work with our public, to María Rosa Montes (IBC Communications Coordinator) and Carla Soria (IBC Map Specialist and RAISG liaison) for their support in making this show possible in Cusco.

Visit the exhibition page to learn more.