Jorge Bouroncle
General Manager
Jorge was born in Cuzco. A passionate backpacker from a very young age; once he finished his engineering degree, he dedicated himself to travel the world for almost 10 years sharing with many cultures, customs and ways of seeing life across 5 continents including the jungles of Ecuador and Peru. He resonated deeply and connected with the forest and the wisdom of these people, to the point where he met Jack and Tui; close friends replete with the activism in favor for the Amazon that they proclaimed. Today, Jorge manages the space and resources of Xapiri Ground, as well as being on his own path of music creation. Already based in Cusco, he says he has already hung up the backpacker's backpack, we are not yet sure if his passion for traveling overcomes his passion for the jungle, but we are sure that each day he gives himself fully to Xapiri Ground.