YINE KAMRURE| Emily Urquía Sebastián

On exhibition until 31 June 2021
Melanie Dizon
March 5, 2021

YINE KAMRURE | Emily Urquía Sebastián

For the Yine, their cultural iconography remains a stronghold, evident in their textile tradition and designs. The imprint of Emily’s culture follows her art and is augmented by her personal creative expression. Her art is made phenomenal on the surface through the repetition of traditional lines and symbols innately Yine. The use of natural pigments further accents the visual draw to her work, as if you can look at them forever. The iconographic designs are represented by natural pigments derived from tree root, clay, and achiote seed. The particular symbol painted in these textiles represent a type of eagle that inhabits the rocks, whose tail feathers span similarly to that of the Yine design.

BIOGRAPHY Emily Urquía Sebastián

Emily was born in 1979 in the native community of Puija (province of Atalaya, department of Ucayali). From a very young age she learned about Yine designs (Yine Yonga) from her parents Daniel Urquía and Raquel Sebastián; great masters of the Yine people. In 2001 she moved to Madre de Dios, residing in the Yine community of Monte Salvado and in Puerto Maldonado, always cultivating the Yine designs, which recently received the recognition of the Ministry of Culture as Intangible Heritage of the Nation. Currently, she is president of the Mashco-Yine handicraft association of the native community of Monte Salvado, who have the INDECOPI Certificate of Registration of the Collective Trademark Gosha.

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Each piece is one of a kind, individually signed by the artist.