Crafting the Field is a Xapiri Ground sound series that explores rainforest field recordings from the Peruvian Amazon with artists and indigenous communities.
Melanie Dizon
March 23, 2022


in the Peruvian Amazon

Sound is the gateway to nature where we can connect to the health and habitat of the natural world.
Our project Crafting the Field is a creative series of musical compositions that express upon the natural and social environments surrounding Indigenous culture and their contemporaries. Through collaborations with Indigenous artists, sound designers, and music producers we hope to encourage a diffusion between cultures through creative research and mutual respect. 

Through collaborations with sound artists and music producers alike, field recorded materials are transformed into electronic ambient soundscapes where the listener can experience the relevance of the rainforest and indigenous culture.

“The intention behind these sound works is to offer a way of ‘listening-into-cultures-and nature’ that are distant for most of us” Melanie Dizon, Art Director Xapiri Ground


At our headquarters in Cusco, Peru, we've created a sound-proofed space called the Soundroom; a sonic environment deprived of light and sight, where the artist's composition is played on loop through a 5-point surround sound system that allows for a deeper connection into the sonic environment of indigenous rainforest cultures and the creative interpretation of the artist in collaboration.
Through this synergism of worlds, we hope to imbue a new language and deeper insight into the social and environmental vulnerability that surrounds the Peruvian Amazon, and in turn, our relation to it.
New works from different artists are introduced every few months.
Past exhibitions that have been featured in the Soundroom include the works of Vincent Dwyer, Pawkarmayta, and Nahun Saldaña.


In addition, all Crafting the Field compositions can be heard and purchased through our Bandcamp page.