Michael Stuart Ani

Join us for a very special two-day event as we host the legendary writer and advocate Michael Stuart Ani to share his life’s wisdom and journeys throughout the Amazon, Mexico, and beyond.
Melanie Dizon
November 4, 2022




Ani is an advocate for indigenous environmentalism and plant-based wisdom and has been a friend and mentor of Xapiri Ground over the years. We honor him for his dedication to the ancient ways of the Americas; having lived in Mexico's remote Sierra Mazateca cloud forest of Oaxaca in the late 1960's through the 70's, Ani is the only outsider to have ever been allowed into their sacred cloud forests- where he still maintains contact today.
He is also recognized for his pivotal work in 1988-2002 where Ani along with his Amazonia Foundation were a central part of the medical outreach program introduced to fight the epidemics among the Yanomami people of Venezuela. He introduced the plant Artemisia annua which proved to be a much more effective antimalarial than the WHO pharmaceutical used at the time.

Photo: Michael Stuart Ani

"Stepping off the cargo plane, I took a deep breath and inhaled the confusion heavy in the air. Two completely incompatible worlds were about to collide at Parima B and I was somehow caught in the middle, watching a human drama unfold that could affect the entire world. At that moment all I could do was lend a helping hand and hope that the Yanomami would survive the changes they were facing."

Photo: Michael Stuart Ani

In 1992, Michael co-won the US Documentary of the Year Award for "Yanomami: Keepers of the Flame." He also directed the Catalina Island Conservancy documentary "Coming Home" about the repatriation of pure American Bison to the Lakota people of Rosebud, South Dakota. Over the last fifty years, he has followed the Rope of the Dead from the tribes of the Amazon rainforest to the tribes of North America, tracking the hidden steps of the Ghost Dance along the way. We are honored for him to be sharing his stories with us, for his first ever visit to Cusco, Peru.


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Two Lecture package - S/100

Ticket Reservations can be made at peace@xapiri.com or paid in person at our Xapiri Ground Gallery > Plazoleta de San Blas 630 Cusco, Peru.
*This is a limited capacity event, we encourage you to make your reservation early.


Friday Nov 4th @ 6pm

Half a century of life and rituals with remote indigenous peoples of the Americas.


Saturday Nov 5th @ 6pm

Where politicians and scientists have failed, can plants preserve the human niche in nature?

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