Matsés Emergency Fund

This campaign was organized on behalf of the Matsés people of the Javari Valley and in partnership with Acaté Amazon Conservation to assist with their relief efforts in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic that has left 160+ Matsés stranded in the Amazon gateway of Iquitos, Peru.
Jack Wheeler
August 12, 2020

In the beginning of May 2020, we created a COVID-19 emergency relief effort campaign alongside our partners at Acaté Amazon Conservation and Matsés chief Daniel Vela. Over 2 months in quarantine and more than 160 Matsés had been stranded in Iquitos with no possibility of being able to return to their homes, without food, medicine, and in some cases lodging. Daniel Vela, Jefe (Chief) of the Matsés Indigenous People, had asked for our emergency assistance to bring food and medicine to these families in need. Over 35,000/soles were raised.

To read more about this relief effort, please read the field report compiled by our partners on the ground at Acaté Amazon Conservation which goes into detail of each stage of the relief effort and how this was all managed from the ground in Iquitos.