CHOMO by Roldán Pinedo

The paintings of artist Roldán Pinedo (Shoyan Shëca) and the sacred vessels of his Shipibo-Konibo culture.
Melanie Dizon
March 18, 2022

CHOMO | painted vessels of the Shipibo-Konibo

Paintings by Roldán Pinedo

Chomo means Vessel in the Shipibo-Konibo language. Artist Roldán Pinedo carries memories of his grandmother who was a specialist in ornamental Chomos, and through her he learned about the various shapes and sizes of such ceramics. Within the ceramic tradition of the Shipibo-Konibo people there exists several myths, models, and forms of expression. For example there are ceramics intended for the Shipibo Ani Xeati festival, while others are for domestic use or ornamental purposes. Chomo as an artistic practice, begins with the women whereby they express aspects of their mythology, through resonant forms, where the anima and animus of the jungle come to life. These paintings pay homage to their tradition. 

CHOMO | painted vessels of the Shipibo-Konibo is on exhibition through June 18

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BIOGRAPHY | Roldán Pinedo

Roldán Pinedo (Shoyan Shëca) is a Shipibo-Konibo artist and self-taught painter from Yarinacocha, Perú. He is inspired by his culture, the cosmovision and myths of his community. He is the son of a bilingual schoolteacher and a ceramist. He began his career in 1997 with the historian Pablo Macera, in the project "painting and word", together with the painter Bawan Jisbë. 

He has had four solo exhibitions throughout Lima (2009, 2013, 2016, 2020), and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Denmark, Ecuador, Brazil, France, United States, Ireland, Japan, and notably the Amazonías exhibition in Matadero-Madrid.

To the present day, Roldán continues to evolve his paintings which relate to various themes of his Shipibo culture, thus achieving a position in the local art scene. He currently lives in Cantagallo, an urban settlement where the vast majority of Shipibo people reside in Lima, Perú.