Wishing a Happy New Year to all of our friends and colleagues around the world!
Melanie Dizon
December 21, 2023



Although the political crisis brought a difficult start to the year in Peru, we were grateful to keep our doors open and our team close together. We have worked with the utmost dedication to maintain a place where ideas and projects could be exchanged, hosting multiple exhibitions, events, and workshops throughout 2023 that give voice to Amazonian art and Indigenous culture. Additionally, we took multiple trips that allowed us to engage with our work in the field and connect further with the Awajun, Iskonawa, Matsigenka, Shipibo-Konibo, Yine, and Wampis communities. 

Deep in the forest of Shipetiari, Manu / Photo: Davis Torres (©2023 Xapiri Ground)

As a small organization we honour our groundwork for its focus on the collective and the community; a fundamental part of why we do what we do. Where time and patience creates trust and relationships, the learnings go deeper and creative collaborations are born with the members of each community. Our work in the sphere of art and cultural identity is often difficult to ‘quantify’ but we believe in the weaving of time and the spirit of the ‘Xapiri’ that guides us in this continual process of learning and positive action.
Mariluz and Veronica in their traditional kushmas / Photo: Davis Torres (©2023 Xapiri Ground)

The ceramists of the Yine community of Monte Salvado / Photo: Davis Torres (©2023 Xapiri Ground)

As this year comes to a close, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all of our supporters, friends old and new, and of course to the communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We wish you health and abundance for the coming year!

Visiting the Wampis on the Santiago River / Photo: Jack Wheeler (©2023 Xapiri Ground)

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