Wishing a Happy New Year to all of our friends and colleagues around the world!
Melanie Dizon
January 7, 2023



2022 was an action packed year for Xapiri Ground, with multiple visits to jungle communities and our first full year and a half at our San Blas location, where we hosted numerous exhibitions and events. 
Here in Cusco, our art house establishes itself as a meeting space for all who are interested in the Amazonian discourse. With great respect, we continue with our work that bridges distant worlds and cultures. It has been an honor to host an array of artists and to deepen individual relationships while nurturing new ones.
Inauguration night for Pukapakuris by Jero Gonzales (pictured at center). Photo: Davis Torres / Xapiri Ground

Throughout 2022 our work as a non-profit organization burgeoned from multiple visits to the Matsigenka and Shipibo communities as well as an initial expedition to come to know the Iskonawa people. Collaboratively, these relationships fueled valuable documentation in the form of visual media alongside the facilitation of numerous workshops centered around Indigenous oral traditions, photography and other creative practices connecting the youth and elders. These intimate relationships with the Indigenous communities form the backbone of our work, as we honor the times shared in the jungle with the utmost care, responsibility, and affection.
Davis during our drawing workshop with the Matsigenka youth. Photo: Mike van Kruchten / Xapiri Ground (Comunidad Shipetiari)

The Iskonawa harvesting natural bark pigment. Photo: Tui Anandi / Xapiri Ground (Chachibai, Ucayali, Peru)


Today, given the political instability that persists in Peru, we wish for the peaceful reform and reorganization that prioritizes the people’s rights. Xapiri Ground rejects all forms of violence and supports the human right to appeal against unjust political decisions and actions. We stand committed to the Indigenous cause and support in the ways that we can. 

Silverio walking the forest. Photo: Mike van Kruchten / Xapiri Ground (Comunidad Shipetiari)

We trust that this new year will bring more visits to rainforest communities and an insightful calendar of Amazonian exhibits and cultural events. Thank you for your continued connection to our work here at Xapiri Ground and we hope to see you in 2023!

Iskonawa girl. Photo: Tui Anandi / Xapiri Ground (Chachibai, Ucayali, Peru)

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