Melanie Dizon
November 6, 2021
Artist Anthony Paucarmayta takes us on a sensorial sonic journey into the deep jungle of the Matsés.

CRAFTING THE FIELD a Xapiri Ground series

featuring Paucarmayta Anthony

Crafting the field is a creative series of compositions that explore nature as “concept and source” material, imagined in a musical context. Through collaborations with sound artists and music producers alike, we elaborate upon the soundscapes of rainforest habitats throughout the Amazon as a tool of communication and transformation that endorses nature and the cultures who live amongst them. 

Photo (Matsés elder): Mike van Kruchten

For this series, we introduce the Peruvian artist Anthony Paucarmayta. Paucarmayta explores and collaborates; as a source of inspiration, with original field recordings taken by Xapiri Ground during our expeditions to the Matsés community, expanding his vision to a futuristic ancestral world using sound coexistence combining the sacred chants of the Matsés with textures between the organic and the electronic that stimulate and connect the emotions with the senses, taking us on a sensorial sonic journey into the deep jungle of the Matsés.

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BIOGRAPHY | Paucarmayta Anthony

Anthony Paucarmayta is a Peruvian music producer who is in a constant state of exploration, seeking to expand his vision of the roots and rituals that connect music with spirituality and consciousness. His productions carry, in a dark key, the spirit of distinct worlds that the tradition of his Andean culture offers. His music has been released by labels around the world and his productions published in international blogs and magazines that specialize in new musical trends.

*Field recordings originate from the Matsés territory in the northeast Peruvian Amazon.