Melanie Dizon
July 1, 2022
A sonorous journey into the Iskonawa world.




Crafting the field by Xapiri Ground is a creative series of musical compositions that explore nature, resonance, and indigenous culture.
Through collaborations with sound artists and music producers, we elaborate upon the soundscapes of rainforest habitats throughout the Amazon as a tool of communication and transformation that endorses nature and the cultures who live amongst them

Photo: Tui Anandi

For this series #05, we feature artist Christian Mun who sculpts a soundscape that conceptually conveys the relationship between the boa, the Iskonawa man, and the jungle. The Iskonawa people’s connection to nature can be observed through the resonance of their language and their design patterns. This composition seeks to deconstruct such relationships through sound, playing with elemental and sense perceptions that move the listener through territorial states of transgression and release. 

*Original field footage and audio taken on expedition with Xapiri Ground by Tui Anandi | Chachibai, Peruvian Amazon | March 2022.
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BIOGRAPHY | Christian Mun

Photo: Nathalie Flores

Christian Muñoz (@christian.mun) was born in Lima, Peru in 1996. He is a sound artist, producer and saxophonist who began his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Music in 2008. He is dedicated to experimental composition, interdisciplinary collaborative works and audio engineering. This versatility motivates him to continue experimenting in art, where, thanks to the dialogue between different means of sound creation and collaboration with other disciplines, he seeks to reflect, through research and his music, the cultural diversity that surrounds us. He currently aims to promote the development of the sound scene through the management of cultural events in the city of Cusco. He is also a member of the team at Xapiri Ground.