Awajún-Wampis Woodwork


A seat or bench, known as a kutag in Awajún language, is made from topa wood (Ochroma pyramidale), nowadays it is used by both men and women. In the past, the kutag was known as the female bench.

The chimpui, on the other hand, is a seat used as a throne for special people and warriors with great visions. This wooden bench is made by men and has a round base with a pointed shape at the back of the seat, thick legs, with an elongated back base. It is made of sturdy wood such as moena or cedar.


The tunta or (darts) are loaded into the pucuna or blowpipe. Inside the blowpipe there is a palm tree fibre that keeps the poison-impregnated darts warm. In the part made from a gourd, which is attached to the cane, the wild cotton is kept to roll the flights of the darts.


The Awajún and Wampis make weapons of war and spears made of chonta wood, aágkes and nágki, and a large wooden shield knw as a tantág. After the arrival of the Europeans, the Awajún began to use spears with iron points and firearms.