CRAFTING THE FIELD 10 Inauguration Night

Some scenes from the Inauguration night at Xapiri Ground.
Melanie Dizon
April 11, 2024




On the 8th of March, we held the inauguration for Crafting the Field series #10 by sound artist Irazema Vera with special guest Zoila Ochoa; a Murui Buue leader from Centro Arenal in Iquitos who was also the focus of Irazema's composition "Yo soy Murui Buue". The evening was accompanied by a live performance of Irazema's soundscape layered behind the storytelling of Zoila.

Beginning of the Night / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

Zoila Ochoa / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

"So I wanted to investigate a little more that other side that is not seen, but that comes out from an instant and is not seen with the naked eye." Irazema Vera

Zoila Ochoa and Irazema Vera / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

The Sala / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

"That's where I find your work to be very significant... because we only make visible what we see, there are things that are not seen but are valuable, one of those things is sound." Zoila Ochoa

Zoila Ochoa / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

"The first thing I got to know about Zoila, is that Zoila is very aware of her ancestral history, of the threats and the struggles." Irazema Vera

Zoila and Irazema live performance / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

This soundscape titled "‘Yo soy Murui Buue" was a work realized in the community of Centro Arenal in Iquitos, Peru on behalf of Pai Films and Conservation International. We'd like to thank Irazema and Zoila for sharing their work with us.

Xapiri Ground team and guests / Photo: Davis Torres (©2024 Xapiri Ground)

Read more about this collaboration and the concept behind this piece for Crafting the Field.
To listen or purchase this composition series #10, please visit our Bandcamp page.